Project Smart Cabin Solution

The purpose of the project is to reduce the costs of air conditioning and optimise energy consumption in tourist accommodation, while at the same time increasing the guests’ comfort by automatizing regulation. Our control system with built-in hardware learning features, low-energy bluetooth smart sensors to detect guest location and by combining separate actuator mechanisms in the room into a single smart unit significantly improve living conditions.

The total cost of the operation: 922,649 EUR; Co-financing amount: 303,225.98 EUR.

The investment is co-financed by the RS and the EU from the European Regional Development Fund (




Hrpelje Kindergarden anniversary

This year, our local kindergarden in Hrpelje celebrated its 40th anniversary. To help them celebrate, Atech prepared a little surprise for their aspiring innovators.

The children and staff at Hrpelje kindergarden shared their memories of the surprise with us:

Director Davor Jakulin and Katja Škrlj delivered a special package where we found a projector which we need for both children and adults. Davor and Katja were greeted by all the kindergarden children who sang a song for them and then had a chat and took some photos. The children promised Davor that “When, we’re bigger, we’ll be innovators”.
Thank you for the presents, visit and willingness to co-operate with us.


“Atech is delivering us high quality products with more than 99% relability of deliveries. Our successful business cooperation is based on reliable logistics aproaches and risk management that Atech has efficiently been managing for more than 10 years. With such a reliable business partner we have been able to focus on our business and increase our sales and market share.”
Aleksander Zalaznik, Vice President, Danfoss


High efficiency pumps


IMP PUMPS d.o.o. needed a new development partner in the field of motor controls in order to make a strong entrance onto the new market of high efficiency regulated pumps..

“We were looking for a reliable product with high flexibility in terms of supply chain abilities.”


“ATech helped us develop an effective and reliable motor control.

Despite uncertainties about the market behaviour), ATech has managed all problems relating to the long–term delivery s of certain components in addition to handling all our product inquiries through its supply chain.”


Through a flexible and value based partnership, our products positioned the IMP PUMPS brand amongst the top manufacturers on the market.

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“When you are developing a medical device, it is of the utmost importance to have a business partner which can assemble a PCB exactly as you have designed it. ATech has been adaptable with regard to negotiating and shown great understanding of our requirements. They are now providing us with the comprehensive PCBs needed for the production of ABPI MDs.”
Daša Košec, Chief Marketing Officer, Mesi


“We have been working with ATech for more than 20 years. During this time, they have become our key partner in the production of our complex electronic boards that we build into our products. ATech has proven to us that they master change management in both fields of technical documentation and material base, they are focused on a continuous quality improvement process and that they play an active role in our relationship.”
Branko Tovornik, Purchasing Manager, Fotona


“When Cimos stepped into the market of automotive mechatronics products, ATech was our invaluable partner with its extensive knowledge of advanced electronic hardware design and complex software algorithms. With a joint team of excellent engineers we were able to develop a safety-critical car brake component which we believe is just the first step in our long and successful cooperation.”

Damjan Boštjančič, Central R&D – Testing Laboratory, Cimos


»Among all of the local and foreign suppliers we cooperate with, ATech is one of the most reliable and best quality. Its on-time deliveries, care for the high quality and reliability of agreements are the attributes that play a crucial role in our decision to gladly continue working with ATech in the future.«
Boštjan Stopar, M.Sc., General Manager, Gold Club


»We were looking for a reliable product with high flexibility in terms of supply chain abilities. ATech helped us develop an effective and reliable motor control. Despite the uncertainties about the market’s behaviour, ATech has managed to overcome all problems related to the long-term deliveries of certain components in addition to handling all of our product inquiries through its supply chain.«
Miha Benčina, Purchasing Manager, IMP PUMPS