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Inteligent solutions
Reliable partnership
Service excellence
Green environment

Mission, Vision & Values


Improve user experience by providing innovative and sustainable solutions.


We set user trends and create environmentally friendly devices.

Corporate values


We create new value for our customers by realizing our ideas. We think creatively and constantly strive to improve the user experience for our customers. We develop people and environmentally friendly products and solutions. We constantly take care of our personal and professional development and believe in lifelong learning.


We respond quickly and optimally to the demands and wishes of our customers. We create and manage changes, which are a part of our everyday and are a catalyst for our development.


We take full responsibility for the results of our work, the work of our colleagues and the company as a whole. I am personally responsible for the relationship with myself, colleagues and partners. I accept full responsibility for the sustainable development of the company and have a respectful relationship towards the people with whom I live and work.

Team work and partnership

I develop long-term business relationships with my colleagues and partners. Together we build a positive working environment and through a united corporate culture, create a strong company.


We build trust by trusting ourselves and our abilities. Then we can trust others. The result is clear and open communication and respectful and genuine relationships between employees and partners. Trust between each other is also created at non-formal gatherings.


My word is my bond; what I say I will do will be done within the deadline and to a high standard. Colleagues and partners can always rely on me. I give my unique contribution to Atech.

The Team

Portreti_Davor Jakulin
Davor Jakulin


Jana Lenič
Jana Lenič

Head of Finance and Accounting

Portreti_Martin Zerjal
Martin Žerjal

Head of Research & Development

Portret - Sara Turk
Sara Turk


Maša Jakulin

Human Resource Manager

Milestones & Growth


  • 1990Company established as a Slovenian-Swiss joint-venture
  • 1998First fully automated SMD line
  • 2001Certified for ISO 9001
  • 2005Awarded the »Best entrepreneurship idea« award
    Release of first connectivity platform
    Fully equipped the motor controls R&D laboratory
  • 2006Flying probe In-Circuit test line installed
  • 2007Certified for ISO 14001
  • 2008Presentation of first FUMIS combustion biomass controller
    Classification among the 101 top employers in the selection “Zlata nit”
  • 2009Prize Horus for the most socially responsible company in the category of medium-sized enterprises
  • 2011Recognition “Hidden champion”, for company, which exercise the best business practices
  • 2013Award for the best business idea with the product Florian
  • 2015New additional SMD line
  • 2016Acquisition of Perles’ activities and resources
  • 2020Redesigned Perle’s Webshop with new features for a more enjoyable shopping experience

Company growth

Our constant growth would not have been possible without a continuous hunger for improvements, constant know-how management and ongoing electronics research & development as well as new investments in the production facilities.

Quality assurance and Environmental policy

In ATech electronics d.o.o. we are aware of the responsibilities of the individual and society to the Environment in which we live, so we strive for the most environmentally friendly solutions.
We have committed ourselves to the mission of the technological production of electronic devices, specifically the preparation of technology, electronic components, assembly components on printed circuit boards and soldering them, and testing of modules and complete devices. We offer complete solutions to our customers and also help them with taking their share of responsibility in the field of environmental protection. By achieving and exceeding the expectations of our business partners we are building long-term partnership relations.

ATech’s quality assurance policy is based on the following principles:

Exceeding customer expectationsWith the planning, implementation, verification and response to new opportunities, we strive for the highest level of management of natural resources, materials and energy.
Facilitating innovationBy continuously improving products and processes we strive to follow the latest trends in the industry. Innovation is promoted at the level of every individual in the company, and our ability to respect the movement of trends and the knowledge of our customers plays a key role in this. The main direction of our employees is to acquire new knowledge, which is reflected in the intensive training programs in all fields of our operation.
Constant improvementExcellence is not the goal, but the way in which we strive to travel in the future. The company’s development policy and strategy is to become comparable in all respects with the best European companies in our field, which means above all productivity at optimal costs and the quality assurance management.

ATech’s Environmental policy is based on the following principles:

PreventionWith the planning, implementation, verification and response to new opportunities, we strive for the highest level of management of natural resources, materials and energy.
The concept of “3R”We follow the concept of “3R”, “Reduce” (Reduce consumption), “Reuse” (Use again), “Recycle”. With the introduction of eco-active communication with different groups, the amount of municipal and hazardous waste is decreasing and quantities of separately collected fractions of waste (to be included in recycling) are increased.
SecuritySince our processes take place in an environmentally sensitive area (protected water resources), we pay special attention to safety. We are always ready to take the preventive actions, while effective measures are performed to avoid contamination in the event of any unforeseen events.
LegislationWe are committed to monitoring and compliance with applicable regulatory requirements in the field of Environmental management at national and local level. We track and fulfill mandatory requirements and other requirements of the broader society that are important for us.
EnthusiasmOur employees at all levels of the company, external contractors and business partners are actively involved in the implementation of relevant environmental policies in order to increase knowledge of environmental culture.
Public engagementWe are open for cooperation with the public and looking for a solution in future development that is acceptable to all. We accept the public initiatives and issues and respond to them.
ObjectivesWe continually improve the relationship with the environment and prevent pollution, comply with applicable laws and requirements of local communities to reduce the likelihood of environmental disasters, separately collect waste at source, rationally exploiting energy and choosing materials and best available technologies that have less environmental impact.

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