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| 26.05.2021

The global economy is facing a new wave of breakthrough inventions in various fields of sustainable development. ATech electronics has been consistently providing clients with cutting-edge solutions for their inventions. Our cooperation with Kolektor Group fulfils this mission to the fullest extends: preserving natural resources.

In addition to Water Purification, Floor care, Road Maintenance, etc., various applications are attainable. Let's take a closer look at the Mobile Cleaning solution.

The development trends of positive displacement pumps are oriented towards achieving higher pressures and rotating speed of products. Less material consumption and simplified production technology solutions are motivations from the design and manufacturing aspects.

Consists of 2 pumping principles: DoppelRotor (COR-DRP) and Tumbling multi-chamber (COR-TMC). The COR pump system consists of four pieces, of which two are rotating. No valves are needed. Most of the torque is converted into useful work as only one of the two rotating pieces is driven. Due to the design concept, the second one only needs torque to overcome its friction. The fluid is transferred through the center of the pump and then by moving cavities and centrifugal force further onto the periphery's outlet.

COR pumps are suited for - but not limited to - mobile and stationary applications using various drives (mechanical, electrical dry or wet running motors, others). Amongst many valuable applications, Cordless Pressure Washer is one of them.

This product is a perfect example of our expertise and the full-service we provide to our clients. All products are designed at minimal manufacturing costs and in compliance with necessary certifications. We optimize the product as early as the design phase, which results in a shorter time to market!

Business partners value us for constant improvements. The ability to listen to your needs together with our flexibility is the way to exceeding your expectations.

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