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We are pleased to announce that ATech Electronics is nominated for award and shortlisting following voting from readers, subscribers, and staff working for organisations that contribute and support CFI publications such as the various UN and EU bodies, as well as other prominent entities.

Nominee: ATech Electronics

Award:     Most Innovative Electronic Manufacturing Services – CEE 2020’s innovation awards recognise excellence in the commercial thought process, the creative and efficient development of concepts, and genuine corporate inventiveness, all translating into successful, value-creating business opportunities.

Awards criteria

The award selection panel uses a wide range of criteria to help it reach informed decisions regarding the awards, lending the critical eye of a combined 170 years of business journalism, corporate leadership, and academia to the exhaustive information gathered by the award body’s research team. Some of the more critical factors taken into consideration are as follows:

• Significant improvements in products, services and/or processes

• Customer-centric & market-driven enhanced customised solutions

• Systemic innovation in the organisation

• Incentives for employees to share ideas

• Involvement of implementation teams

• Cost savings and productivity-enhancing successes

• Funding readily available for innovation

• Commitment to R&D

• Risk-taking culture that accepts and learns from failure

• Appointments of chief innovation officer and innovation committee

• Patents and trademarks filed

• Market leadership and differentiation

• Strength of nominations

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